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Optimizing Research Administration


Optimizing Research Administration

Providing services for 17+ years.

Founded on the principles of management efficiency and customer satisfaction, iMedRIS offers state-of-the-art software solutions designed to optimize research administration. As a leader in integrated research information software, our goal is to continue developing tools that empower researchers.

Working with over 200 institutions.

iMedRIS's competency has played a significant part in its growth. Each client is treated as its own entity, given attention to its specific needs and accommodations. Through this deeply rooted belief, your institution, whether private or public, is able to conduct research without worrying about the "behind the scenes" bits. 

Achieving more than 21 modules.

With more than 21 modules already perfected, we continue to grow and expand our horizons to fit your institution. Our modules, capable to work individually or in unison with one another, range in their competency for both small and large institutions. Our system is capable of only upholding the most basic features or including countless committees, boards, and workflows. 


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Learn more about our scalable, web-based software. We offer a variety that fits both small and large institutions.                           

Let us do the IT work for you. We understand your primary concern is conducting research.


Explore the building blocks of iRIS. Each one can be configured to your liking. iMedRIS always treats you as your own entity!

ISO Compliance 27001 brings information security under executive management’s control and provides clients a sense of tranquility knowing their information is safe.

Find out how we can help you get started. We provide you with a project implementation team to guide you from start to finish.

Come meet us in person and learn more about us! We attend multiple conferences throughout the year and also host our own.

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