• Easily submit applications and other protocol documents electronically to the IBC
  • Review all protocol documents online and record comments, make recommendations, provide stipulations, and prepare outcome letters electronically
  • Logically guide users through form sections based on responses


  • Send and receive external and internal notifications and messages through email and iRIS IBC software, making it simple to stay on top of assignments
  • Simultaneously coordinate with multiple committees
  • Conduct simultaneous reviews by different review boards, cutting down review time


  • Merge comments, recommendations, and stipulations into meeting minutes
  • Review meetings, set timelines, and create agendas
IBC software from iMedRIS is ideal for researchers and committees responsible for ensuring that research involving rDNA and biological agents remains compliant with NIH guidelines. As part of the most complete research software package on the market, our IBC software is perfect for use at both private and public research institutions.