• Allow your IRB to manage research for both single site and multi-site studies, reducing research administration times and clarifying cooperative procedures
  • Identify a Project Manager to serve as the Primary Principal Investigator for the multi-site study
  • As the Primary Site, regulate the informed consent template to be used for all affiliate research sites


  • Invite other site investigators to participate in multi-site clinical research using email notifications and home screen tasks
  • Help ensure that regulations are met at all participating research sites
  • Easily collaborate between multiple institutions or within departments at the same institution
  • Allow coordinators at external sites to submit assurance statements electronically


  • Facilitate the process of multi-site collaboration, reducing study review and start-up times
  • Centralize and track study documents from all affiliated sites
  • Simplify the IRB review process while incorporating input from all sites
  • Differentiate between submission forms specific either to the primary site or to other research sites
Government recommendations suggest that the use of a centralized IRB for NIH funded studies. Seamless collaboration can help to relieve IRB burdens, expedite the process of conducting multi-site trials, reduce work duplication, and cut expenses. Multi-Site Assistant from iMedRIS helps to create a consistent and efficient review process for any size research network.