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eProposal/Pre-Award Assistant

Pre-Award Assistant


The Pre-Award Assistant represents the beginning of the grant lifecycle; the functions include selecting opportunities, personnel, completing proposal applications and forms, budgets, and contracts. The research team builds the proposal with the necessary components and submits their package request for approval to the Office of Sponsored Projects Board. The Office of Sponsored Projects Board completes a thorough review of the budget, financial components, any contracting or supporting attached justifications and approves the package. The package can then be submitted System-to-System through web services or can be electronically submitted through a PDF to grant agencies for a pending award. Once awarded the system alerts the research team of the award.

The system is built on best practice form sets that have been developed in collaboration with large and small institutions. These forms can be used out of the box to save configuration time; or they can be tailored to institutions requirements. Our Form Designer allows for smart form development that include functions for show/hide of sections and questions, questions validations, branching logic to skip sections and questions that are not applicable, Online Help Text, and PDF print friendly to merge web forms direct to PDF. These functions streamline the process to aid the covered person in filling out forms for submission, creating quality submissions for the Office of Sponsored Projects Board office for review.

Pre-Award Assistant forms connect to a workflow for routing through the system; this enables configurable rules for routing to other modules such as the Negotiation Manager, Post-Award, and allows designated personnel to review and sign-off.


Search and apply online for research grants and funding opportunities

Route funding applications and supporting documents to the grants and contracts office within your institution

Configure the Pre-Award module to fit your institution’s funding requirements, including contract management and the setup and creation of budgets with formats


Maintain live connection to

Receive notice of funding prospects as soon as they are available

Track funding status, amount, and pre-award accounting



Merge data from system profiles into forms, directly within your Pre-Award module

Process grant submissions quickly, without large amounts of paperwork

Reduce valuable staff hours