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At iMedRIS, we are proud to help the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs with research operations. IRB Assistant, IBC Assistant, IACUC Assistant, SRS Assistant, and R&D Assistant are the core VA modules within the iRIS software suite, designed to conform to the specific needs of each board and committee. iRIS also facilitates the configuration of any VA-specific boards with customizable workflows and intelligent forms unique to your review process. This creates research-focused programs that eliminate redundancy of data input, streamline processes, and increase process transparency while maximizing productivity and reporting.

Benefits of utilizing iRIS to conduct VA research include:

The confidence that comes with knowing you are working with a proven, fully-comprehensive software solution, already used successfully by several VA divisions

The simplicity of using our “scalable framework application,” allowing your VA to rapidly and effectively stand-up iRIS modules to support your existing user base and research projects

The effectiveness of empowering researchers and reviewers, increasing analytical capabilities and facilitating efficiency, productivity, and access to data and reports

The convenience of using tools previously developed by iMedRIS specifically for the VA, including central office standard form templates and a TMS training interface

The iRIS suite of tools is designed to assist your VA team with the management of time-consuming regulatory requirements and board meeting functionality. Custom dashboards, task notifications, a simplified user interface, custom navigation in the form of menus and dropdowns, and the ability to process electronic and paper submissions make iRIS the most user-friendly research information system on the market.